We are a team of IT legends and Travel Industry veterans working together to bring innovation to the world of Tourism and Hospitality. The ProNatives project aims to reduce communication difficulties when you’re travelling abroad, letting people help people.


how-it-works-31. Our Vision

We envision a global society of explorers and natives, who cooperate together to reduce the language barriers and enhance the beauty of cultural diversities.


2. How did it all begin?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of being in a foreign country  need to ask for information and even if you’re surrounded by lots of people no one seems able to help? Well, this frustration was a daily hassle during my first trip to Japan. My sister and I, we were walking around the Shibuya district, one of the most populated districts in the world. It has something like 220.000 people living in 15 square kms. 

We were looking for a place to spend our last night of our holiday, but we were refused entry to all pubs, clubs or restaurants on the main street, “No tourists” were the only words we heard from those bouncers. Quite upset we tried to stop some random pedestrian to ask for an explanation, but no one seemed to speak English. My only thought at that moment was: “There are 220.000 people around us, of course there will be somebody who can speak English, probably there is someone who can speak also Italian. How much would it be easier if only…”
Do you want to know what happened?



3. Our Mission

ProNatives has been designed to act as a correspondent on the spot in the “do it yourself” travel organisations.
We will jump over language barriers, and cultural obstacles, we will get where Google Translate can’t reach.
Because our community is made up of people helping people.

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