Emergency services in Italy – Who to call?


Call 112 – Single European Emergency number. An operator will redirect the call to the nearest emergency department of the country you’re visiting (police, carabinieri, fire brigades, ambulance etc.). Operators generally can speak English and French.

NB. This single number has been introduced recently, meaning that unfortunately it is not active all over Italy yet. In case the international service is not available in the area you are at the moment, the call will be taken by the national call centre of Carabinieri, which is not suitable for ambulance requests.

Call 112 -Carabinieri (karabiˈnjɛre) They have the same authority as the Police. There is not much difference between the two corps. Carabinieri stations are more frequent in rural areas.

Call 113 – State Police

Call 118 – First Aid.Keep your address and phone number handy, be clear when explaining the situation. If is an actual case of emergency, an ambulance will be sent to you with no charge. First Aid in Italy is ensured to every single person regardless having private insurance.

Call 115 – Fire brigades, also for earthquake, flood, storm. Any extreme weather condition. 

Call 116 – ACI (Italian Automobile Club) for road assistance.

NB. Do not call the numbers listed above if it’s not strictly necessary, these are considered EMERGENCY



Differently, Italian PUBLIC UTILITY SERVICES answer the following phone numbers:

117 Financial Police. All matters of drug dealing, cash work, money laundry etc.

1515 Crime towards the environment. As per illegal hunting or fishing, waste management etc.

1530 Emergency in sea waters.

1522 Violence against women.

If medical treatment needed is a NON EMERGENCY case, you can find online the nearest GUARDIA MEDICA TURISTICA. These are English speaking doctors for tourists, they will charge you for assistance.

Also if in Milan you can call +39 0276340702 International Health Center.

Remember that you don’t need to dial any international code when calling an emergency number, and they will work without credit and even without SIM card.

Contact your Embassy or Consulate if not sure how to proceed.

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